REV'S is an upscale-casual place open for lunch and dinner. The Ribeye Burger is the star of the show here, with a half-pound patty with Choice Ribeye, ground in house and blended with Smoked Bacon and Chef's mix of spices. In fact, just about everything is made in house here, from the fresh fish coming in whole and being filleted at the restaurant as well as our Harris Ranch beef options cut in house for our Ribeye's and Filet's.

What makes this restaurant especially interesting is the people behind it. Husband and wife Brian and Renee Velasquez run REV'S. The restaurant name is her initials - Renee Elaine Velasquez. Brian is a Le Cordon Bleu trained Chef who worked all over the East and West coasts. But before that, he was a Marine. The Visalia native served as a radio operator in the first Gulf War. The couple value family and they have a big one. Each has three children from previous relationships- three boys, three girls, in addition to their little boy they have together. 


That sense of family carried into the restaurant itself. Children are welcome in the restaurant, as there is even a kids menu for them to order from. Diners can sit at two 10-foot family style tables in front of the open kitchen and watch Chef Brian and his culinary team work. "With an open kitchen, you get to see the full experience," Brian says. "We want people to enjoy and ask questions." The food is as local when possible and so is the team.